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New Ruling in Mesothelioma Case

There has been a new ruling in a Mesothelioma case in California.

Back in 2011, Johnny Kesner was diagnosed with mesothelioma and he then sued 19 companies given the fact that it was an asbestos related illness. Most of those he sued were his former employers all of whom he maintained had asbestos on their premises where he worked, but in addition, he sued Pneumo Abex Co. who had employed his uncle. He claimed that his uncle often had asbestos dust on his clothing when he returned home at night and given the fact that Kesner would often visit his uncle’s home as a child, he was exposed to the dust.

However, the court granted a request from Pneumo Abex to dismiss the case following a case in the Court of Appeal in California which said there was no liability if asbestos had been brought home on clothes. Kesner appealed and won and as such this was the first case in California which not only made employers liable for secondary exposure to asbestos but also was the only Court of Appeal across the United States to make that duty also apply to guests in the home of an employee.

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