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Asbestos in Schools is a Major Concern

The existence of asbestos in schools is a major concern.

The Ocean view school district in Orange County decided to modernize the school last year and received a very unwelcome and expensive shock as asbestos was found in 11 of the buildings. This led to 1,700 children being moved and over $15 million in expenses to solve the issue.

However, this is not the only school in the country to be affected. Those most likely to contain asbestos are those built before 1980 as asbestos was used widely in schools constructed from 1940 to 1980 when the federal government banned its use.

In 1984 the Environmental Protection Agency estimated that 15 million students and 1.4 million teachers and school personnel were at risk of exposure to airborne asbestos, which can lead to lung diseases and the fatal mesothelioma disease. Although schools should check their buildings regularly for asbestos no one knows how big the problem might be as no one is certain whether all schools are actually carrying out the inspections.

In addition there is a conflict as to who should pay for the remediation cost, whether it should be school districts or the federal government who were the ones who decided that asbestos was dangerous.

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