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Asbestos in California

California is the state with the most deaths due to asbestos exposure in the country and it also has some of the largest deposits of naturally occurring asbestos in the world.

Several sites in California have been designated Superfund sites by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and many of them are due to asbestos related problems such as Hunters Point Naval Shipyard which used asbestos widely and the W.R.Grace site used to process materials containing asbestos, leading to contamination of the surrounding area.

Naturally occurring asbestos (NOA) is present in 35 out of the state’s 58 counties and poses a serious problem. The entire city of Coalinga received Superfund status because mining and processing spread the natural asbestos throughout the town as well as the asbestos mines there which operated mostly in the 1960s and 1970s. El Dorado Hills is another dangerous area being home to one of the largest NOA deposits in the entire world.

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