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Abestos Award Upheld

In October, the judges involved in the Izell case in California have ruled that an $18 million dollar asbestos settlement will stand.

The lawsuit was filed by Bobbie and Helen Izell who alleged that Bobbie developed mesothelioma from asbestos exposure to Union Carbide’s products, which then resulted in his death.

Union Carbide used to be a supplier of asbestos to companies that made and marketed products for the construction industry, until 1985 when the use of asbestos in that type of products was banned. Bobbie Izell owned a construction company and built about 200 homes in California between 1964 and 1994 and often visited the jobsites.

During the trial a memo was discovered which revealed that although the company knew asbestos caused cancer they did not warn about the risk believing that would harm sales of the building supplies.

The Izells were awarded $48 million including $18 million in punitive damages but Union Carbide appealed. Their appeal as rejected by a California appellate court.

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